Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the Ground Up

Making green with green

There are plenty of products out there, and surely more on the way, to help people feel like they are living the green life. Food, cosmetics, clothing, caskets.

Caskets?!?! Of course. You find that surprising?

The Albuquerque Business Journal recently printed a quick bit about French Funeral and Cremation Services which is offering everything from "eco-friendly wicker caskets" lined with natural fabric to "professional preparation of the deceased without embalming."

Tom Antrum, general manager of French, said he thinks the market for all this will just keep getting bigger, according to the story.

I get the point. And it's not like I've really figured out the details of my own disposal. In fact, I'd tend toward the it's-somebody-else's-problem solution. But what do you think? It kind of takes your commitment to recycling to the next level.

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