Friday, April 10, 2009

From the Ground Up

Earth Day kumbaya?

Grist, an online publication that calls itself "a beacon in the smog," looks to be trying to start a fight.

On its Web site, search it for "Earth Day amateurs," Grist is promoting an anti celebration of Earth Day (April 22 this year). I can't write what it calls the celebration because the teachers and parents of school kids who will be planting trees for the warm and fuzzy Earth Day might not take it too well.

The upshot is Grist's writers portray Earth Day is a joke. "You think this is a bit of kumbaya for your karma?, they ask. "You think this is a worldwide love fest? You think you can make up for a lifetime of excess in one day?"

Well, you get the drift. The publication might or might not mean any malice. It prides itself on being irreverent and being "your resource for making every day earth-tastic." And the title of a book it's selling hints at that - "Wake up and smell the Planet."

I'm not endorsing the site. I haven't read enough of it to say anything too gushy, but it does look interesting if you take your green with a side of snide.

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