Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's a beautiful world - kind of

Ziploc's evolved, presumably you can evolve, and it's all bright under the orange-slice sun in a new ad for Ziploc Evolve plastic bags.

The Ziploc bag in the ad is covered with a field of peas, broccoli trees and some wierd hybrid wind turbine/palm tree things under the aforementioned orange slice. On the Web site's slide show, there's even animal cracker elephants and rabbits and the clouds look a little like califlower in the frame for Evolve.

But when you need two astericks in an ad to clarify your statements, well, not a good sign. The ad bills the new bags as "made with wind energy & 25% less plastic." Then comes the fine print, but note, it is made up of very small letters in green ink making it a little hard to read. "Made with wind energy and traditional energy sources" and less plastic "when compared to regular Ziploc Brand storage and sandwich bags."

Of course you can still buy those not-so-good Ziploc bags, but now you can feel better about yourself and the planet with Evolve. How many plastic trees do you think have lost their lives to make all the Ziploc bags in the world?

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