Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can't we all just shop together?

My wife laughed, perhaps nervously, when I told her we need to vacation at the Amigo’s supermarket, but I wasn’t laughing.

I just took a tour of the United Supermarket made over to appeal to latino shoppers as well as white bread shoppers. Oh baby. They’ve integrated the Hispanic food into the normal fare so there’s no ghetto where half an aisle has all the good stuff.

The imported candy is with the Hershey’s bars, the exotic shapes of Mexican pasta are with the American Beauty spaghetti. The Mexican Coca-Cola, made with cane sugar, is with the Mountain Dew.

Then there’s the prepared food.

Chicken mole, aguas frescas in six or seven fresh fruit flavors, four kinds of flour tortillas – they’re all made on site. And they're right next to the fried chicken.

Amigo’s COO Sidney Hooper said every effort was made to keep things authentic, not Tex-Mex, and convenient.

The meat market might make the less adventurous a little confused, but how can you beat the whole cow and hog heads for roasting underground in burlap? Well, there’s also five kinds of fajita mixes ready for stir frying, goat meat, rabbit halves, boneless chicken thighs flavored with adobo spices, and yes, hamburger. But there's also cheek meat for barbacoa and whole tongues for lengua. They're really big and look surprisingly like tongues (I've only seen them chopped on my plate).

I’ll have a full story with photos on the Sunday business page. See if you think it’s worth a visit at Interstate 40 and Grand Street.

And Hooper said to ask for a taste if you’re not familiar with something in the prepared food section. Don’t miss the chunky guacamole. Trust me on this.

Five mixes of fajita ingredients ready to go to the stove.

Photo by Stephen Spillman

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Karen Smith Welch said...

Vacationing at Amigos isn't all that different from going to Santa Fe and spending hours in Whole Foods.