Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the Ground Up

What's a shopper to do?

Seems like the marketplace is awash with greenwashing. You know, like whitewashing only renewable. Businesses try to paint their products as green, and the shopper has to figure out how much to believe.
The claims companies make for how nice their products are for the environment came under the scrutiny of Canadian research firm TerraChoice recently, and Joel Makower has an interesting take on the result.

Basically he starts with the question "Is everybody lying?" because the firm looked at more than 2,200 products making environmental claims in big box stores and found 98 percent to be sinners who make misleading or false claims. The problem is TerraChoice doesn't name names and may be lumping companies who let their marketing people get carried away in with companies that don't have a problem lying for a dollar.
"More sloppy than sinister," Makower describes the companies that might not deserved to be cast into eco-hell.

Is a poisonous product labeled "green" as big a sin as a product that truly is made of recycled waste but carries the claim "the greenest ever?"

Check it out.

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