Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Puree

Okay, it's the greenest day of the year so here's the serious and sublime news of the day.

The serious is Amarillo's own State Sen. Kel Seliger's carbon capture and storage bill just passed the Senate but awaits action in the House. It would create a regulatory system for storing carbon dioxide created by man. The storage could happen underground to push out more oil and natural gas. Well, Seliger does also represent the Midland/Odessa oil patch. Or the storage could be in salty waters trapped underground - kind of a salty soda thing.

I'm working on getting more details for Friday's paper.

But now the sublime. It's almost chaotic over at where they can't decide who is the least green celebrity. The most green are easy. People like Ed Begley Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad, your-wife-scares-me, Pitt.

On the bad side are people like Mariah Carey who flies her personal trainer from St. Barts to New York City every day, according to the Web site. And what about Brad's ex? Maybe seeing Angelina at the supermarket checkout magazine stand every week pushed her over the edge.

First, the Web site says she is one of the un-greenest, kind of like the undead, for pitching Glaceau's SmartWater. It's made by boiling water, capturing the steam and adding the bonus of electrolytes. The company then pumps the potion into the plastic bottle the water is sold in.

Then comes this word. Jen's going over the top to get on the right side. According to the Web site, "her Malibu mansion recently got $15M worth of energy-conscious updates including solar panels, reflective roofing, and drought-resistant plants. She also traded in the Range Rover for a Prius."

The guilt got to be too much - I guess.

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