Monday, April 27, 2009

Big money for big wind

They may not be pretty, but they're expensive. The towers that will take wind power to the rest of the state will run about 500 miles through the Panhandle, spaced every 1,000 to 1,200 feet (see the towers in the background at left).

At an Amarillo seminar today, wind transmission developers firmed up some of what they are planning for the $1 billion construction project that will eventually hit the Panhandle.

Sharyland will build at least 253 miles of line in the south central Panhandle, stretching into the South Plains. However, it could total more because the estimate is based on straight lines. The reality will be "meandering lines going around cemeteries, following county roads," said Mark Caskey, vice president of operations.

Cameron Fredkin, director of project development for Cross Texas Transmission reported his company will build about 230 miles of line from south of Childress to the Pampa area then to the Carson/Armstrong line south of Panhandle. A second line would go from south of Childress to western Briscoe County.

The construction probably won't start until late 2010 and wrap up in late 2013.

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