Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

What a classic movie line, especially coming from a wild-eyed Robert Duvall.
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning... Smells like, victory."

It got him that beach in Vietnam to surf in "Apocalypse Now" and might be what people downstate need for their pesky fire ants instead of club soda.

Texas AgriLife Extension bug specialists recently had to readdress the Internet rumor about using club soda to kill fire ants. They politely called it “erroneous pest control advice.” But how can something environmentally friendly be bad.

Erroneous advice indeed.

That’s an understatement of Biblical proportions. I used to have to deal with those devilish ants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They killed just-born calves and fawns, they made grown men jump into swimming pools hollering like little girls.

Just pour two cups of club soda on a fire ant mound and no more problem, according to the "advice." All that would do is make the little red monsters mad.

“According to the message, the carbon dioxide in the soda is supposed to displace the oxygen and suffocate the ants, including the queen, killing the entire colony within about 48 hours,” an AgriLife news release said. “It also notes that club soda leaves no toxic residue, does not contaminate ground water and will not 'indiscriminently' kill other insects or harm pets.”

“Impressive bubbling action” from the club soda is about all you’ll get - if you're lucky.

Doesn't something that can do this deserve a little napalm?

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