Monday, February 15, 2010

I know, I know

Been a while, but this really is cool and not nearly as alarming as the polar bears falling from the sky I showed you the last time I returned.

It's called the W+W or wash basin + water closet. Very European, don't you think?

The Rocha company of Spain is marketing this contraption, albeit with sleek lines.

"A meeting of ways between sophistication and love for the planet," according to the company's rather spare, or maybe sophisticated, Web site. The images are nice but the video, well, you decide.

It filters the water you run in the sink then fills the cistern of the toilet, oops, I meant water closet. Allegedly it saves 25 percent of the water normally used.

But I must say the idea of a toilet facing a big ol' wall of glass overlooking a balcony open to the city is a little disconcerting or maybe it's European.

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