Friday, November 27, 2009


Warning, due to my extended absence, I thought I'd make a senselessly rude return.

Well, it might not be senseless, depending on your point of view. It probably depends on what side of the global warming debate you fall on. But it might also depend on how strong your stomach is and how much you think of polar bears as cuddly teddys, only bigger.

And stinkier from all those seals they eat.

But I digress.

The media battles just keep heating up. This one is an ouch! Like a two-by-four over the head ouch.

It's from the London-based group Plane Stupid that is all upset about how people are stupid about planes. Their catch phrase is "Bringing the aviation industry back down to earth."

In this case, "It's really not about polar bears anymore." We just fly too much.

Now the science cited in the video may be questionable, but don't let the kids watch.

Those zany Brits.

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