Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your life in a box

It's like a land rush, but not.

An excited news release came my way recently, positively vibrating with the news that Facebookers can now be virtual farmers with virtual green thumbs making piles of virtual money and doing it all with their virtual friends.

“Zygna, the No. 1 social gaming companion the Web, is opening up millions of acres of virtual farmland with the launch of its new FarmVille,” the release reads.

First, a disclaimer, they said No. 1, not me.

Players can “run a profitable farm while also enjoying the social aspect of a rural community. They can select neighbors, exchange gifts and even chat amongst each other in real time,” the release continues.

Does anyone want to volunteer to go to the local coffee shop in Spearman or Dimmitt and poll the farmers on this? Players, with no idea where bread comes from, can build their bank accounts if they tend their farms diligently. And they can "share the social aspect of a rural community" from the safety of their bedroom in the suburbs.

And I can’t even go to "chat amongst themselves." It’s personal, but "amongst" and "atop" should never be seen outside Southern Living magazine.

And the best thing is, you can bank on this game being authentic because Zygna says it is building on its success with other games like Mafia War and Texas Hold'Em.

Okay, my assessment is at its heart unfair because I can’t even remember how to get on Facebook to be with all my fans and test FarmVille for myself. Guess I won’t get to earn my virtual green thumb.

I'll just go sweat in my dirty little garden.

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