Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My pal Pickens

Just got a personal note from T. Boone Pickens about his $10 billion wind farm near Pampa.

Well, I guess the note actually went to all his Pickens Army people who promote the Pickens Plan. See any Pickens Pattern here?

He says the wind farm isn’t cancelled, just postponed to 2013 when the transmission lines are due to be completed in the Panhandle for the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones. That's counter to what many news outlets said recently

Oh yeah, and he’s a victim in this.

“This misreporting is no doubt being fueled by those aggressively trying to convince Congress and the American public that wind and solar power can’t contribute significantly to solving our energy problems. They are wrong,” the note says.

And don't forget all the natural gas he wants to sell drivers for their cars since it won't be needed for electricity. That will cut our gasoline use and teach the Saudis and Chavez a lesson.

The 667 turbines he ordered from GE to be delivered in 2011 for the first phase are still coming, apparently. Pickens told a Bloomberg reporter he might use them for smaller farms or just “put’em in the garage.” That would be some garage, but I guess he could afford to build one before his investment fund crashed harder than my 401K.

And then we get all touchy-feely like Boone always does.

“I cannot ever thank you enough for your continued support for the Pickens Plan.”

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