Monday, June 15, 2009

Too much Huh?

Sometimes, this green stuff is clear as mud. Now I know that's of the Earth, but when something hits the Huh? button too hard, it makes my head hurt.

Sample No. 1 from a recent speech by John Podesta, president and CEO of Center for American Progress in which he proposes the concept of Carbon Cap Equivalents:
"This would entail adding up the full range of supplemental and complimentary proposals to each country’s carbon cap, and converting this into one comparable figure of what these emissions reductions would effectively amount to if they had been the result of a carbon cap alone. While the modeling will be complex, the hoped for Copenhagen treaty needs to create the mechanism through measureable, verifiable, and reportable carbon cap equivalents – representing the full range of their policy profile to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – above and beyond their formal cap."

Sounds simple, Huh?

Sample No. 2 from an e-mailed news release for a product that lets your horse leave lighter hoofprints on the Earth:
Alltech and California-based O.H. Kruse have launched Green Feed, "the animal health and nutrition industry’s first environmentally-friendly equine feed."
"From its bag to its formulation, Green Feed was designed to enable horses to perform at their peak naturally and with less impact on the land they call home:
The bag is made of recyclable materials and is printed with soy-based ink.
Green Feed includes a variety of proven, natural technologies to ensure digestive health, boost immune function, and provide optimal mineral balances.
The formula includes just the right amount of supplements to decrease the nutrient content wasted into the manure and thereby reduce the risk of ground water contamination.
It was also formulated keeping the local availability of ingredients in mind so the carbon footprint and energy waste of transportation is minimized. Grain products are kept to a minimum in the Green Feed to avoid affecting the supply for a hungry world."

Do you think that makes those horses feel a lot better about themselves?

But seriously, they aren't bad ideas. There's just a Huh? factor to reading these descriptions of them.

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