Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Try not to think about it

Some things are just better left in the dark, and don't forget Mom said the Internet can be an icky place.

Looking for blog fodder, I went a food insider Web sit to do a little trend shopping. The content ranged from interesting, FDA rules Cheerios cereal is a new drug due to health claims it makes, to blah.

But the ads made me want to quit my label reading, which would please my wife, and just accept whatever food makers send my way.

Who needs to know about freeze-dried coconut water? And I'm not really in the market for carmel food color, so a free liquid or powder Carmel Color Library is out, even if the company's been in the biz since 1880.

But leave it to the big boys to really stand out. How about "Cargill Texturizing Solutions - Thoughts For Food." It starts out innocently enough with the question of whether you're a fan of "naturally, high-quality chocolates." Well, who isn't except enemies of the state?

Then we go to the question of whether we are looking for a lecithin that isn't genetically manipulated - huh?

So many questions, but, of course, the answer is Cargill's Topcithin from sunflowers. The natural solution that really needs to stay behind the curtain.

Isn't the recipe really supposed to be a little chocolate, a little cream, a dollop of love?

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