Friday, April 3, 2009

From The Ground Up

Just keep truckin' on

The Railroad Commission and the Roush Performance racing team of NASCAR fame unveiled today the eco-friendly pickups Texas needs.

They use propane, meaning drivers can benefit from low-cost, cleaner burning fuel and all sorts of tax incentives when using their F150, F250 or F350 pickup.

Now, I don't know all the science, and ethanol's reputation has certainly taken a beating since it was the new clean fuel, but do we really need to enable more people to feel good about driving a pickup?

I drove one for years when I was raising cattle, hay and grain. Today I've downgraded to a SUV because I still haul a lot of stuff and occasionally go off the beaten path.

And there are propane dispensing stations for vehicles in places like Friona, Dalhart, Hereford, Booker and Claude - all good places for pickups. There are even five stations in Amarillo (only three in Lubbock). But there are 12 in San Antonio, 11 in Houston, nine in Austin and even six in Dallas. That doesn't count the suburbs around them.

Do they need the "green" excuse to drive a truck when a Honda would probably accomplish the same thing? And besides, it's so NASCAR. An environmentally friendly way to express their inner ruggedness in the rush-hour gridlock.

Kind of reminds me of Sheryl Crow's "Na-Na" song.

"Gotta four-wheel drive and I park it in the driveway
When I get drunk I drive it on the parkway
Gotta get a TV set for my car
Tonight's the Battle of the Network Stars"

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t jones said...

what is the overall theme of this commentary? are you discouraging the development of propane-pickups because they are just another "'green' excuse" for environmentalist zealots to "feel good about driving a pickup?"
i think that you unintentionally confessed that environmentalism is derived from irrational emotion, and is not based in healthy science. yes kevin, even a self-proclaimed "environmentalist" such as yourself will readily concede that you "don't know all the science".
presumably, your guilt is what propels you to support government mandates that will force your neighbors to submit their self-interest in place of your own.
and please, keep the sheryl crow lyrics to yourself. she is not the enlightened, prolific entertainer that you imagine her to be.